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Our team members are dedicated to provide exceptional customer service, technical support and proactive service providing solutions that promote our customers success.

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IMSC Group offers physical separation technologies used for beneficiation in production of industrial minerals, mineral sands (Titanium), glass/industrial (frac) sand & ceramics (feldspar), white minerals (Kaolin, Carbonates, Talc), Others: abrasives, refractories, borate ores, diamond ores, tantalum etc, iron ores, chromite, hard rock ilmenite, coal beneficiation, other minerals/ores (Gold, PGM, Manganese, Moly), and  secondary materials recovery (metals and plastics). 

Mines and refineries consume enormous quantities of water and energy, but Outotec's physical separation applications supported and supplied by IMSC enable a significant reduction in resource consumption. 


Dry Separation


Wide range of dry physical separation process applications.   

Rare Earth Roll, Rare Earth Drum

 Electromagnetic, Eletrostatic


Wet Beneficiation

Gravity - Magnetic 

Spirals, Density Separators, Shaker Tables

Cryomagnetic, Wet High Intensity



Continuous Support 

Support before, during and after installation

Laboratory, Installation, Training, Parts, Upgrades, Maintenance, Optimization and more... 



IMSC Group equipment offerings range in size from laboratory to industrial-scale and incorporates beneficiation technologies in gravity, magnetic and electrostatic techniques. Plants worldwide rely on these beneficiation separators to process a variety of industrial minerals like mineral sands, glass sands and kaolin, as well as other minerals and materials like iron ore, chromite ore and coal.

Service and Parts

IMSC Group is committed to providing customer support whenever and wherever needed. Services include:

Laboratory testing
Client site services
Process audits
Safe and efficient equipment operation
Spare parts management

We also recognizes the urgency created by emergency or
breakdown situations. Historical Carpo, Outokumu and Outotec customer files are maintained so that equipment at a particular site can be promptly determined and required spare parts supplied quickly when the need arises.


Density separators

The density separator relies on the principle of hindered settling to separate particles of greater density and/or size from those of lower density and smaller size. The simple, reliable, fully automated separator greatly enhances the performance of any wet gravity circuit. 

Spiral concentrators

IMSC offers a full range of both washwaterless and washwater Outotec spirals. These flowing film separators are commonly used for concentrating iron, titanium and chromite bearing ores. Additionally, spirals are a key technology for the removal of mineral contaminants from glass sands and other minerals. 

Shaking tables

Concentrating tables are used in many industries and are invaluable for producing a more precise separation of mineral sands, precious metals and base metal concentrates. 



Outotec's permanent rare-earth roll and drum magnetic separators manufactured and supplied by IMSC are used in the numerous applications that require dry magnetic separation. These separators are designed to treat a wide range of industrial minerals and serve operations with varying capacity needs. They are routinely used in glass sand, mineral sands and other industrial mineral applications where their rugged construction and versatile but simple operation provide superior processing economics.

High-gradient superconducting

Superconducting magnetic separators allow separation of the most weakly magnetic particles at high capacity and low cost. They are routinely used in kaolin, CaCO3 and talc applications. The Outotec Cryofilter® is the world’s most powerful industrial-scale superconducting magnetic separator and is fundamental in the magnetic treatment of fine slurries. 



Outotec's high-tension roll electrostatic separators are used to separate conductors from non-conductors. They are most popular in mineral sands applications for the separation of ilmenite and rutile (conductors) from zircon and quartz (non-conductors).  

The new line of eForce® high-tension electrostatic separators incorporates numerous industry tested advanced features to maximize separation efficiency and capacity.

Our Partners


Outotec - Technology

Outotec provides leading technologies and services for the Sustainable use of Earth’s natural resources. As the global leader in minerals and metals processing technology, they have developed many breakthrough technologies over the decades for our customers in metals and mining industry. They also provide innovative solutions for industrial water treatment, the utilization of alternative energy sources and the chemical industry.

Outotec USA Inc. granted International Mineral Separation Components Group (IMSC) an exclusive license for the manufacture of Outotec physical separation product line, excluding SLon magnetic separators.

IMSC Group is incredibly humbled and honored for the opportunity to build partnerships with all of the physical separation customers. We want to assure everyone IMSC will manufacture Outotec logo equipment and spare parts in accord with Outotec specifications and quality standards. The IMSC staff located in Jacksonville, Florida U.S.A. has more than 100 years combined experience in the manufacture and supply of these specific parts. Our team members are dedicated to provide exceptional customer service, technical support and proactive service providing solutions that promote our customers success.

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