Advanced magnetic separation technology

Exclusively manufactured by IMSC Group, the versatile and cost-effective line of Outotec® high-intensity magnetic separators are known worldwide as the best of the best for any mineral application.


Permanent Rare Earth (Neodymium Magnet) Magnetic Separators

The Outotec® line of permanent rare earth roll and drum magnetic separators, known historically as Inprosys® magnetic separators, are used in numerous applications that require dry magnetic separation. These separators are designed to treat a wide range of industrial minerals and serve operations with varying capacity requirements. They are routinely used in glass sand, mineral sands and other industrial mineral applications where their rugged construction and versatile but simple operation provide superior processing economics.


Rare Earth Rolls

A combination of the most recent advances in rare earth magnet technology and years of industrial experience make Outotec® rare earth roll separators the industry standard. Equipped with neodymium magnets, each roll is tailored to the optimum magnetic strength required for your process. They include many advanced features and are highly customizable making them extremely operator friendly. Units include a thin belt tracking system and a patented belt guidance system to both aid in operation control and dramatically improve belt life. Removable cassettes and/or cantilever design means easy servicing for maintenance personnel.

Developed in close partnership with several mineral sands and high-purity silica sand processors, a new, high efficiency series of rare earth roll magnetic separators was also developed. An improved patented feed system (Patent no. 7 296 687) lies at the heart of the unit’s higher separation efficiency making the magnetic separators not only effective on conventional particle sizes, but also particularly capable when processing materials comprised of finer particles (<75μm). In these advanced magnetic separators, particle entrapment is minimized, static charge is reduced, and non-magnetic particles are quickly released from the magnetic field without adhering to the belt thus leading to a higher yield of product.

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Rare Earth Drums

By optimizing the effective magnetic force with a unique magnetic circuit design (US. Patent 5 636 748), enhancing conventional designs, and using powerful rare earth magnets, an advanced generation of high-intensity drum separators are created. Several basic magnetic strength versions are standard. Rare-earth drum separators can be used to upgrade previous state-of-the-art drum separator applications, which now require stronger magnetic forces. The Outotec® brand drum separators achieve magnetic forces matching or exceeding those of other medium strength drum separators, but at a substantially lower cost.

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