Keeping your
minerals concentrator plant up and running


The IMSC Group services team is dedicated to optimizing your process and minimizing unplanned down time.

IMSC Group is first and foremost a services and solutions company. With a broad range of service offerings, our team of experts can find the most cost effective and appropriate solution for your needs.



Laboratory and pilot-scale testing with flowsheet development

The fully equipped physical separation testing facility can conduct laboratory or pilot-scale studies on each of its gravity, magnetic and electrostatic technologies to evaluate and optimize processes, and to develop process flowsheets. The professionally staffed laboratory conducts tests for a range of industries including: industrial minerals, heavy minerals, precious metals, base metals, coal, iron ores and recycling.



On-site services

IMSC Group site services are proven to increase efficiency. Site services add value by decreasing losses, improving production, increasing safety, and minimizing unplanned downtime.

In the spirit of true partnership, we provide you services designed to help you optimize your operation and stay competitive.


Installation and commissioning

  • Equipment installation

  • Commissioning

  • Process assurance testing

  • Re-commissioning services for once-idle Outotec®, Carpco®, Inprosys® and Humphreys® brand physical separation equipment being brought back into service



IMSC Group will train your staff in the safe and reliable use and maintenance of our provided equipment.


Maintenance & Inspections

Stop losing revenue and time and increase efficiency with our recurring annual service contracts. You can contract IMSC Group for consistent, long-term support through equipment inspections, repairs, and overhauls.

Audits & Optimization

IMSC Group can also inspect plant operations to help you optimize your process. When our team visits your site, we aim to identify areas where grade and recovery can be optimized, losses can be minimized, and production can be increased.



Spare parts delivery with inventory management support

IMSC Group aids maintenance and procurement specialists in maintaining adequate inventories of spare parts. Additionally, IMSC Group provides warranty backed, genuine Outotec® OEM parts.

We also recognize the urgency created by emergency or breakdown situations. Customer files are maintained so that equipment at a particular site can be promptly determined, and required spare parts supplied quickly when the need arises.