Pioneering advances in wet-gravity processing by integrating technologies for a more efficient separation process

Many iron ore, mineral sands, and glass sand facilities around the world are now operating more efficiently by combining spirals with density separators to capitalize on their complementary methods of separation.


Spiral Concentrators

IMSC Group offers the full range of Outotec® washwaterless and washwater spirals. These flowing film separators are used for concentrating iron, titanium and chromite bearing ores. Additionally, spirals are a key technology for the removal of mineral contaminants from glass sands and other minerals.

• Spiral Concentrators •


Shaking Tables

Concentrating tables are used in many industries and are invaluable for producing a more precise separation of mineral sands, precious metals and base metal concentrates. IMSC Group has several partners for the supply of shaking tables.


Density Separators

Density separators rely on the principle of hindered settling to separate particles of greater density and/or size from those of lower density and smaller size. These simple, reliable, fully automated separators enhance the performance of any wet gravity circuit.

The Outotec® TankSizer™, manufactured exclusively by IMSC Group, brings the advantages of hindered settling into the realms of high tonnage processing where washing, classification and removal of contaminating materials are required for producing minerals to very stringent specifications. The ability to accept irregular and varying feed conditions whilst still producing within specification is intrinsic to its design.