Our complete line of laboratory and pilot scale equipment is manufactured with the same high-quality and reliability you have come to know and trust from our industrial units.

IMSC Group is not only dedicated to customer satisfaction in sales, service and application support, but is also committed to providing high-quality, reliable products to every customer. We strive to ensure that you can easily find the Outotec® brand laboratory and pilot scale products you need, and that the equipment always performs to your specific requirements.


Sampling and feed preparation

  • D-Tube sampler:
    Models DT-18X & DT-48X

  • Hand-held slurry sampler:
    Models WSP-410, WSP-411, WSP-412 & WSP-413

  • Sample splitters

  • Laboratory rotary slurry sampler:
    Model WS-220

Gravity Concentrators

  • Outotec® range of pilot spiral concentrators

  • Pulp density and specific gravity scales

  • Concentrating tables

Magnetic Separators

  • High-intensity rare-earth roll:
    Model L/P 10/30 RER

  • High-intensity induced roll:
    Model MIH (13) 111-5

  • High-intensity induced roll lift-type:
    Model MLH (13) 111-5

  • Dry low-intensity:
    Model MOS(10)111-15

  • Wet low-intensity drum:
    Model WD (20)111-15

  • Wet high-intensity magnetic separators:
    Model 3X4L WHIMS

Electrostatic Separators

  • High-tension electrostatic:
    Model EHTP (25,36)111-15

  • Electrostatic plate Separator:
    Model EPS (10) 111-15

  • Electrostatic separator:
    Model HT (15, 25, 26) 111-15

  • Electrostatic Separator:
    Model HTE (25) 111-46