Christmas Tree Magic

This Christmas, we want to thank our clients in the mining and natural resources sector, for without them, we could not Deck the Halls in celebration.

Christmas trees. They have become a symbol for a season of giving, and thanks, and merriment. We deck our trees together with friends and family, sharing laughter, stories, and singing carols. We are flooded with memories of year’s past with each unpacked ornament, and stare in wonder at the twinkling lights as we hope for the new year ahead.

Our trees have become such a source of nostalgia and cheer that more and more people are putting them up earlier and earlier in an effort to make the season last as long as possible. Experts have even indicated that those early decorators are, in fact, more happy people, which is why some even make sure the tree is up in time for their late November Thanksgiving feast.

The Christmas tree is a pretty powerful totem, but few of us consider what it takes to bring the magic to life. What’s in a decked-out Christmas tree? In a word: Minerals.

To help illustrate what raw materials are needed to create your Christmas tree, we converted this Minerals Education Coalition article into an infographic.


As you can see, there is a world of magic that must first happen to bring everything together. From Aluminum to Vermiculite the minerals must be mined, concentrated, and processed before they can become the decorations we cherish so dearly.

This Christmas season, we want to thank our clients in the mining and natural resources sector for all they do to make our Christmas more magical. As you sit and enjoy your Christmas tree this holiday season, we hope you will think about all of the men and women who work so hard to make it possible!

Merry Christmas from all of us at IMSC Group